• What if

    you could stop cancer before it had chance to grow?

  • What if

    you could halt an epidemic at its source?

  • What if

    foodborne diseases could be eliminated before they ever got to your plate?

  • What if all this

    was a reality now?
    Would that make a DIFFERENCE?

  • Changing Diagnostic Healthcare Standard

Sensor-Kinesis Corp. (SKC) is a development stage

hi-tech company that is developing proprietary, flexible microbiosensor integrated computer chips suitable for printing on many surfaces. These chips which detect certain biomolecules can be linked to smart devices and shared via cloud technology. SKC’s chips are being developed to detect and measure biological signals and data from humans and then use smart devices to transmit the information for analysis and storage. These microbiosensor chips are also being developed for use as diagnostic devices for early detection of human diseases as well as pathogens in the food chain from the farm to consumer. Early applications could include the efficient, accurate, and inexpensive detection of air and waterborne pathogens in restaurants, hospitals, and hotels.


The first generation of advanced pathogen and cancer detection technology available now.


Rapid, accurate detection of foodborne pathogens for the restaurant and food-safety industries.


Safe, affordable and reliable in-home detection of earliest stage ovarian cancer biomarkers.


Sensor-Kinesis’ paradigm changing technology is the result of over a decade of development and research based on the vision of one man; Josh Shachar. Mr. Shachar is the inventor and guiding visionary for the SKC biosensor technology. With over 30 years of experience and success in developing innovative technology systems, including components and methods used in guidance systems for our nation’s top-defense forces, Mr. Shachar has attained a position of respect and acclaim for his acumen in creating game-changing solutions to technology problems that allow for quantum leaps forward in efficiency, efficacy and cost.

With his vision now set on bridging the divide between the biologic and the digital realms in the arena of earliest diagnostic pathogen detection, Mr. Shachar has set his vision on providing not only a viable new technology platform, but on advancing the first step in the democratization of medicine for everyone.

Did You Know

The total direct medical cost for cancer exceeds $200 billion a year in the U.S alone

The average cost for Ovarian cancer treatment is $1,300,000 a year

Over 500,000 deaths occur each year in the U.S. because of cancer

Every 24 hours the human body produces over one million cancer cells

Our immune system fights these cancer cells and wins the battle almost every day

That both the science and medical community agrees that if cancer cells could be detected before they had a chance to grow to critical mass, that current treatment modalities could be almost 100% effective, every time

A technology that can provide this detection capability has already been developed

The company that developed this technology is a U.S.-based organization that has completely re-shaped the way disease and pathogen detection is done

Sensor-Kinesis is that company.

Now that you know, shouldn’t you learn more?

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