OvaSMART – Early Detection for Ovarian Cancer

OvaSMART™ is the first portable medical device using our proprietary biosensor micro-chip technology that allows physicians and health-care providers the ability to quickly, and effectively detect the presence of ovarian cancer cells in a patient’s body. As the flagship product of Sensor-Kinesis’ (SKC) breakthrough biosensor platform for the early detection of disease within the human body, OvaSMART™ has been specifically engineered to detect one of the leading threats to woman’s health, ovarian cancer. It is anticipated that in the U.S. alone, more than 22,000 woman will be diagnosed in 2016 and that approximately 14,000 woman will succumb to this tragic disease. Although survival rates continue to increase, those diagnosed with ovarian cancer only hold a 46% chance of survival beyond five years.
One of the key factors to increasing the ability for physicians to effectively combat this disease is early detection. OvaSMART™ not only can provide accurate detection at an earlier stage and at a substantially lower cost, detection can now be done in the privacy of a physician’s office in a matter of minutes. Where time is the critical factor in the treatment of cancer, OvaSMART™ provides a major enhancement to the the arsenal of tools physicians and health-care providers have in ensuring the health of their patients.
OvaSMART™ represents the first in a series of biosensor-based devices that will be able to provide early detection of a variety of life-threatening illnesses. In addition SKC is in development of an in-home version of OvaSMART™ that will allow woman to be able to monitor the presence of ovarian cancer at its earliest stage.

OvaSMARTTM Advantage

OvaSMARTTM deliverers the following advantages:

  • Patented biosensor micro-chip technology provides detection of ovarian cancer cell biomarkers at lower level than current imaging, biopsy or blood testing allows.
  • Proprietary sensing technology can deliver results within seconds or minutes.
  • Results are based on level of the CA-125 biomarker, which is the FDA approved biomarker for ovarian cancer.
  • Cost of testing is exponentially less expensive than current testing methods.
  • Portable design allows for setup and testing of samples at any location.
  • Disposable sensor cartridge prevents contamination of hardware and environment.
  • Built-in secure wireless connectivity allows for data to be compared, researched and shared with approved strategics and first-responders.

Ovarian Cancer Statistics

Following are some of the important facts about ovarian cancer which make OvaSMARTTMsuch an important breakthrough:

  • Approximately 22,280 women will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer in the U.S. in 2016.*
  • It is estimated that 14,240 women will succumb to this disease in the U.S. this year.*
  • Only 46% of patients achieve a 5-year survivability status.*
  • At our current population, close to two million women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer at some point during their lifetime.*
  • Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of death amongst women and is the number one type of reproductive organ disease women face.*

*Key Statistics About Ovarian Cancer, Cancer.org (http://www.cancer.org/cancer/ovariancancer/detailedguide/ovarian-cancer-key-statistics), last accessed 03/28/16