A Vision For The Future

Since the beginning of modern medicine, disease treatment has always been in the hands of physicians who have the skill and understanding to diagnose and facilitate healing. Over the past century the growth of a population with critical needs for immediate disease diagnosis and care has become so big that being able to deliver effective diagnostic care and treatment has become much more difficult and complex. Moreover, sophisticated medical technologies that promise to advance modern medicine are unable to reach less developed countries where technological advancement is needed the most. For those that are able to seek diagnostic treatment, issues of assay turn-around time and cost often mean that actionable results arrive either when a disease state has significantly advanced or the cost of running the diagnostic and prescribing treatment no longer is affordable even with insurance and public safety nets.

Sensor Kinesis Corporation (SKC) believes that humanity and the natural world are inherently biological. The planet’s population is approximately seven billion and growing. Current biomedical technologies will not suffice in treating an increasingly globalized population. We need to think outside the box.  A direct link between the human and the digital domain on a scale such that voluminous bits of data and information from human biology could be processed at digital speeds. Our vision is to link medical diagnostics to the digital domain, which we believe is the last remaining missing piece in omni-connectivity, by connecting human biological information and data via the cloud to billions of interconnected users. SKC’s technology platform and product will fulfill this gap and bring it into the realm of reality. Among the many impactful benefits that the eco-system of our technology and products bring will be the immediate change in the standard of care and democratization of medicine.

When SKC was formed, there was a single guiding principle that would lead all development. To manufacture devices that must be functional for the most disparaged of the world. For large swaths of humanity, trips to the doctor are almost impossible for many reasons. Lack of transportation to hospital facilities mean either trekking sometimes hundreds of miles by foot or public transportation, which can not only be tiring, but also dangerous. Additionally, pricey laboratory work is often entirely unobtainable for the impoverished. Sensor Kinesis strives to create a device that could be used anywhere by anyone to produce repeatable and accurate measurements, with little to no specialized training, for a cost of pennies on the dollar compared with traditional medical device technologies.

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