Sensor-Kinesis Corporation – Advanced Biosensor Technology: Reshaping the Future

Who We Are:
Linking the Biologic World To the Digital Domain

Sensor-Kinesis Corp. (“SKC”) is a development-stage company that is creating a proprietary, biosensor technology capable of detecting and measuring targeted biomarkers from a biologic sample which can then be converted to digital information to be shared via secure cloud platform for analysis and storage. This technology is being developed as a diagnostic device for early detection of human diseases as well as air-, water- and food-borne pathogens.

Our goal is to provide a proprietary innovation that will allow physicians, health and safety organizations and individuals the ability to detect diseases and other detractors to our health and well-being at a lower limit-of-detection in a single portable low-cost device. The application for this technology is both universal and versatile across entire industries  including healthcare, infectious disease, food safety, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, agriculture, laboratories, biodefense, and transportation.