Sensor-Kinesis Corporation – Advanced Biosensor Technology: Reshaping the Future

Who We Are:
Sensor-Kinesis is “Reshaping the Future”

Sensor-Kinesis Corp. (“SKC”) is a development stage hi-tech company that is developing proprietary, flexible microbiosensor integrated computer chips suitable for printing on many surfaces. These chips which detect certain biomolecules can be linked to smart devices and shared via cloud technology. SKC’s chips are being developed to detect and measure biological signals and data from humans and then use smart devices to transmit the information for analysis and storage. These microbiosensor chips are also being developed for use as diagnostic devices for early detection of human diseases as well as pathogens in the food chain from the farm to consumer. Early applications could include the efficient, accurate, and inexpensive detection of air and waterborne pathogens in restaurants, hospitals, and hotels.

As a result, our proprietary innovations allow physicians, health and safety organizations and individuals the ability to detect diseases and other detractors to our health and well-being at the earliest stage possible. The applications for these chips are both universal and versatile encompassing across entire industries  including healthcare, infectious disease, food safety, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, agriculture, laboratories, biodefense, airlines, automobiles, and cruise ships. Our first entry into the commercial market is disease diagnostic and food safety.